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There are 51,255 people who live in our town1. 41,516 are adults and 9,739 are kids! We have 19 schools, 17 religious institutions, 1 big park, 1 public swimming pool, 2 public libraries, a university and the Pacific Ocean as our beach. 

Our Town Has People
of all Backgrounds1

  • American Indian 0.2%
  • Asian 8.8%
  • Black/African Am 14.7%
  • Hispanic 15.5%
  • Pacific Islander 0.4%
  • White Non Hispanic 56.4%
  • Other Race 0.3%
  • Multi Racial 3.7%

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Residential Districts

Community Landmarks

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Our Community Features
 & Landmarks

Thanks to Mina Bharadwa from Real Estate Consultants for providing some of the historical background to this page!

Our Residential Districts


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Our City and State Representatives are:
  • Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
  • City Councilman Bill Rosendahl (District 11)
  • School Board Member Marlene Canter
  • State Assembly members
    • Ted Lieu (28th District)
    • Jerome Horton (51st District)
  • State Senator
    • Debra Bowen (28th District)
    • Edward Vincent (25th District)
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Our Federal Representatives are:
  • US Senators
    • Diane Feinstein
    • Barbara Boxer
  • Congress members
    • Jane Harmon (36th District)
    • Maxine Waters (35th District)

Who's Who of Westchester & Playa Del Rey
(Sports) Noelle Quinn - Women's National Basketball Team (WNBA) (Guard 6'0") Noelle attended Westchester Lutheran School and later played at UCLA. In 2007 she played for the Minnesota Lynx.

(Sports) Adam Naeve - US Olympic Volleyball Team (outside hitter, 6' 10"). Adam played on two #1 NCAA National Championship teams with UCLA as a middle hitter.  Adam Naeve attended Westchester Neighborhood School and was raised in Kentwood.

(Sports) John O'Brien - US Men's National Team & US Olympic Soccer Team (midfielder, 5'8 145lbs). John O'Brien was raised in Playa Del Rey.

(Philanthropy, Business) Michael Josephson - Founder of the nonprofit Joseph & Edna Josephson Institute of Ethics, which he named for his parents. Through the Institute, based in Marina del Rey, California, Michael Josephson founded the CHARACTER COUNTS! a partnership of over 400 educational and youth-serving organizations that together can reach millions of young people. Michael Josephson was a graduate of Westchester High School.

(Sports) Al Scates - Men's UCLA Volleyball Coach - Graduated from Westchester High School in 1957. Al Scates’ winning record is a phenomenal 85.8 percent, but on the rafters of Pauley Pavilion are where the real treasures hang. Since 1970, Scates has led UCLA to 18 NCAA titles, with the latest in 2000. (ref: Santa Monica Mirror )

(Sports) Jill Kinmont2 - Jill graduated at Westchester High School in 1953 and was a shoe-in for the US Olympic team. Jill crashed in the Big Snow Cup race in Alta, UT in 1955 and was the focus of the book and film The Other Side of the Mountain.

(Music) Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (AKA Flo and Eddie) of the 60's and 70's rock band The Turtles. Among The Turtles hits were 'Happy Together','Elenore' and It ain't Me Babe'.  Mark Volman went to Cowan Elementary, Orville Wright Junior High (Middle School) and attended Westchester High School with Howard Kaylan who himself had earlier gone to Airport Junior High.

(Sports) Rob Piccollo - Played 9 years in the majors for Oakland, Milwaukee and California. Rob was a member of the AL Championship Brewers. Since 1990, Rob has been coaching with the San Diego Padres.  Rob Piccollo graduated at Westchester High School in 1971.

(Entertainment) - The late Phil Hartman of Saturday Night Live went to Westchester High School.

(Entertainment) Todd Turquand - A show business veteran at the age of twelve, Todd appeared in numerous television shows including Carol Burnett, Kojak, Dick Cavett Special, Backlot, U.S.A. and movies for television, as well as a half dozen commercials and the movie Burnt Offerings.  His first legitimate stage role was Winthrop in The Music Man at the Morgan Theatre. From there he went on to appear in The Sound of Music, All My Sons and The Miracle Worker at the Westchester Playhouse. Todd was a Mouseketeer in the New Mickey Mouse Club (1977). (Ref: The New Mickey Mouse Club Funbook, Copyright © 1977, Walt Disney Productions)

Westchester/Playa Del Rey Photo Archive

 (Click on images for larger view)

Hughes Aircraft
(Photo courtesy of Playa Vista)
1952 Aerial View of Hughes Aircraft and later Hughes Helicopters. Home of the HK-1 (aka The Spruce Goose), OH-6 Helicopter and the  AH-64 Apache Helicopter 

(Photo courtesy of Westchester Lutheran)
1953 Westchester Lutheran begins construction of new school classrooms. This view is from Sepulveda and 80th St.
Slick Air Cargo
(Photo courtesy of Playa Vista)
1951 Photo of Slick Airways Aircraft in a Hughes Aircraft hanger.
Hughes_XV-9A.jpg (33435 bytes)
(Photo from 'Little Known Airfields')

1964 A Hughes XV-9A hot-cycle experimental helicopter

Ref: Little Known Airfields

(Photo courtesy of Westchester Lutheran)
1953 The speed limit on Sepulveda Blvd was once 35 MPH! Here is a picture of 77th and Sepulveda.
HK-1 was built at the Hughes Aircraft Company Site by Howard Hughes and Henry J Kaiser.
On Nov.2, 1947 the plane made it's one and only flight. 
(Photo from 'Little Known Airfields')

1952 The first helicopter produced by Hughes, the giant XH-17 Flying Crane.

 Ref: Little Known Airfields

If you have any old pictures from our communities past please send scanned images of them to kidspage@westchesterkids.org so that we can share them all the families of our community.
Did You Know...?

PLAYA DEL REY was formerly known as Port Ballona, it became an unsuccessful real estate venture in 1887. It was revived and renamed in 1902 (LA Almanac)


If you know of people who "grew up here and might be described as hero's, celebrities or otherwise reached the upper pinnacles of success in sports, entertainment, business, education, science, politics, military or other major fields", please email me at kidspage@westchesterkids.org with their names, a short summary of their achievements and the approximate timeframe.  I'm looking for people whose personality and character were shaped by our community as they grew up here. Contributors will be acknowledged on a special page.

1http://www.lacity.org/pln/c2k/C2KCurrent.htm 2000 census
2 I'm still checking the facts on these entries